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Smart Home Automation

Make your home more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient with smart home automation. Almost every feature of your property can be integrated into a smart system to simplify your life and reduce your power bill.

Many of these features will operate automatically and autonomously, while the rest will be controllable from one central remote. Thanks to the cutting edge common programming language our systems use, KNX, customising or adding to your smart system in future is easy—and it’ll never become obsolete.

Heating and Cooling Control

At a whopping 40%, heating and cooling make up, on average, the biggest portion of your energy bill. Automation and control systems can be implemented to substantially improve passive heating and cooling by simply controlling blinds, windows, vents, fans and awnings.

The same systems can then be linked with air conditioners and heaters to only be used when a certain temperature or humidity is desired. With the use of temperature sensors, timers and other control systems placed throughout the home, the benefits of a more comfortable home, coupled with significant energy reductions can be seen immediately.

Appliances and systems that can be automated in your house include:

  • Blinds
  • Windows
  • Curtains
  • Awnings
  • Air Conditioning & Heating

Lighting Automation

Lighting control systems can be integrated into your smart home for an improved user experience, while making a substantial cut to your electricity bill. Intelligent lighting design, combined with the most efficient lighting technologies, can make a huge difference in your home.

Our team can use motion sensors to switch on external or internal lights, based on when someone enters your home, as opposed to simply leaving them on. Our Christchurch and Otago based specialists also consider the entire building with any design proposal, combining an array of strategies to best distribute both natural and electric light in your home.

Hot Water and Irrigation

Our smart automation systems also have the capabilities to keep your garden looking green and healthy, all year round. Timers can be set up all around the house to run on various days a week, depending on the season. We can also set up ways to automate your hot water system, meaning you can turn it off and on whenever you go on holidays.


Appliance automation is at the core of what we do. Our team can effectively install remote controls and timers for appliances around your house, allowing you to easily switch them on and off. Nearly all appliances use stand-by power, meaning that even when they are not in use, they power to stay in ‘stand-by’ mode. Setting up all of your appliances to turn this mode off at certain times, will have a noticeably positive effect on your power bill. Appliances that can be controlled can be anything from TV’s, to dishwashers, to pool pumps or speakers.

Security, Alarm and Home Access

Protect your home from intruders, while still allowing ease of access for trusted friends or family. Our team can hook up existing security cameras to a centralised smart system, or install new security systems all around your home. We can even connect these security systems to your mobile devices, meaning you can have peace of mind, even if you’re away from home.

Our access control systems mean you no longer have to worry about locking yourself out. With our smart systems, you can now control access to your front door, gates and garage doors from your cell phone.

Home Audio and Visual

Our team also specialise in audio and visual, allowing us to hook up speakers to every room in your home. We can help you install any AV solution around your home, including immersive home theatre setups with surround sound.