Lighter Brighter Workspace That Saved Money

Show Place, Addington, Christchurch.

This project involved working on a commercial 2 wing office building in Show Place, Christchurch,  providing work stations for up to 1,000 staff. Each building contains three levels. Approximately 1,000 square metre’s per level. The purpose of this project was to provide lighter, brighter workspace using an intelligent lighting system that would refit these two buildings with sensors, switches, rewiring and KNX devices to allow efficient operation of the lighting. This was achieved by cost savings in energy with a well designed lighting system, which importantly provided a more pleasant work environment for the staff.KNX seamlessly speaks to existing the Building Management System (BMS).

The Nexa Automation team designed and installed a bespoke lighting system that ensures energy efficiency and is now ready for any future upgrades with ease.

The Nexa Team involved – Liviu Nicolaie, Systems Integrator. Dwight Grayburn, Electrician.

Energy Efficiency

The use of automated functions saves energy in every installation. Bringing in KNX also opens the door for potential future energy savings, which can contribute to a better environmental footprint. By extending KNX to more functions and applications, energy savings of up to 60% can be realised. Thanks to the flexibility of KNX, these functions were easily implemented in this installation.

Applications used

  • Lighting: Switching , Dimming , Light Scenes , Timed Control , Automatic Occupancy Detection , Constant Light Control
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Automatic Occupancy Detection

We loved working on this project to create a lighter, brighter workspace and help over 1000 employees. We all know what a day in front of a screen can feel like. The quality of office lighting has a big impact on the productivity of your team. It is common knowledge that poor lighting can affect eyesight, eyes tire quicker and generally cause frustration among employees. Nexa helped this team improve their workplace comfort and working day.

Lighter Brighter WorkspaceLighter Brighter Workspace
Lighter Brighter WorkspaceLighter Brighter Workspace