Lighter Brighter Workspace That Saved Money

This project involved working on a commercial 2 wing office building in Show Place, Christchurch,  providing work stations for up to 1,000 staff. The purpose of this project was to provide an intelligent lighting system that would refit these two buildings with sensors, switches, rewiring and KNX devices to allow efficient operation of the lighting. This was achieved by cost savings in energy with a well designed lighting system, which importantly provided a more pleasant work environment for the staff.

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‘New Benchmark’ In Supermarket Building Standards

automation flagship supermarket

We are proud to announce Nexa were chosen as the  building automation experts for a new flagship ‘New World’ Supermarket, which opened in Christchurch in May 2019. We were commissioned to design and install 37 KNX devices to implement applications for Daylight Harvesting, Lighting Control, Monitoring, Emergency Lighting and Energy Management of the 3600-square-metre store.

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