‘New Benchmark’ In Supermarket Building Standards

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Nexa Chosen As Automation Experts For Flagship Supermarket

We are proud to announce Nexa were chosen as the  building automation experts for a new flagship ‘New World’ Supermarket, which opened in Christchurch in May 2019.

“This store has been 2.5 years in the planning…Foodstuff South Island Cooperative wanted to do something next level.

This (building) is the next evolution of where we are going as a brand and the supermarket has been built from the ground up, with the customer in mind. Noone else…

…new benchmark in supermarket shopping” Owner Justin Vaudrey


New Purpose Built Shopping Experience in New Location

The Durham Street new supermarket moved across the road from South City, almost 20 years to the day that they opened there.

The 3600-square-metre Durham St supermarket is the first New World in the country to sell dry-aged beef. It also has 302 varieties of craft beer, hand-crafted pies, a salad bar, fresh peanut, cashew and almond butter mills, a 65-seat cafe and an Ecostore​ product refilling station.

The store employs 179 staff – all 140 who were at the South City store and 39 new staff.

Foodstuffs spokeswoman Sandy Galland said the store had about 32,000 items making it the supermarket with the third largest selection in the South Island. With $1.1m of stock the systems behind this huge store need to be integrated and work well.


Nexa Project

We were commissioned to design and install 37 KNX devices to implement applications for

  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Lighting Control
  • Monitoring
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Energy Management of the 3600-square-metre store.

New World are keen to give back to New Zealand with ambitious sustainability and environment focussed polices and projects.  KNX automation allows many systems and applications to ‘speak to each’ other so carbon footprint of each building can be completely monitored.  Efficiencies gained for both the business and the environment.

Liviu Nicolaie, from our team was on site to implement and integrate the systems using devices mainly from the key brands of ABB, TheBen and EisBaer. 

Owner Operator Justin Vaudrey says they promised staff the store would be a “Ferrari”, now they just have to drive it. The KNX integrations will definitely help make the whole store run smoothly and efficiently.


Automation of flagship supermarket

Automation of flagship supermarket
Owner Operator Justin Vaudrey

Owner/operator Justin Vaudrey



We were delighted to be nominated as a finalist in the KNX NZ National Awards for this commercial automation project.

Finalist Commercial KNX Projects 2019